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Electric atomization clean window

Electric atomization clean window


1. Privacy: transparent when power on, opaque when power off, fast response, instant invisible within 1/10 second;
2. Safety: Due to the laminated glass process, the film in the dimming glass will firmly bond the glass, so that when the dimming glass is broken by impact, the glass fragments will stick to the film in the middle, and no glass will appear. Fragments fly and hurt people:
3. Nodality: transparent when power is on, and opaque when power is off, there is still plenty of light in the protection of privacy, which is not only comfortable, but also saves lighting power;
4. Sound insulation: The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have a sound damping effect, which can effectively block all kinds of voices up to 38 decibels;
5. Energy-saving: heat insulation performance reaches level 2 or above.


The dimmer film is a new type of electronic light control product. The electronically controlled smart dimmer film device is to inject a liquid crystal/S compound between two transparent conductive films. In the absence of an electric field, the electronic control intelligent control The film is in a partially transparent state. When the alternating current is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in an orderly manner. At this time, the electro-dimmable film changes from an opaque (OFF state) to a transparent state (ON state). Through the action of the electric field, the rapid transition from the on state to the off state and the off state to the on state can be realized. Under the power-off condition (off state), it appears milky white, when it is energized (on state), it is colorless and transparent. The open light transmittance is not less than 75% and the off state light transmittance is not more than 2%.
Width: 300mm <w <2400mm
Height: 400mm <H <2500mm

Application scope:
It is suitable for office building, conference room, monitoring room partition, etc.

Jiangsu Rongshida Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Rongshida Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is Electric Shutter Cleanroom Window Manufacturers, The company has carried out standardized management and insisted on refined production for the past two decades. Signed a quality inspection technical service agreement with the local technical supervision bureau, passed the GB/T19001:2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and our wholesale Electric Shutter Cleanroom Window has been tested and certified by the National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fire-resistant Components.

Now we have one manual panel hot pressing automatic assembly line, two manual panel traditional assembly lines, one machine-made panel production line, one purification steel door and one purification window production line. The daily production capacity of manual plates is 3000 square meters, the daily production capacity of machine-made plates is 3000 square meters, the monthly production capacity of purified steel doors is 3000 square meters, and the monthly production capacity of purified steel doors is 6000 square meters.

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