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Handmade rock wool sandwich panel

Handmade rock wool sandwich panel


Hand-made rock wool sandwich panel, using high-quality color coated steel plate as the surface layer, with rock wool inside, using hand-made craftsmanship. Aluminum keel or iron keel frame is used all around.
The construction and installation of this product are convenient and quick, and the comprehensive benefits are significant. Mainly used in electronics (industrial plant), medicine (clean room) and chemical industry (fire prevention workshop).


Thermal conductivity: 0.044w/m.k
Good fire resistance, high sound insulation and heat insulation. The product has a beautiful surface, good sound insulation, a certain degree of heat insulation, heat preservation, and seismic performance, and its fire resistance meets national standards.
Length: According to customer requirements (generally ≤6000mm)
Width: Standard version: 900mm, 980mm, 1160mm, 1180mm, 1200mm; non-standard board any
Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Version: central aluminum type, male and female mouth type, three female and one formula

Jiangsu Rongshida Purification Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Rongshida Purification Technology Co., Ltd. is Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Manufacturers, The company has carried out standardized management and insisted on refined production for the past two decades. Signed a quality inspection technical service agreement with the local technical supervision bureau, passed the GB/T19001:2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and our wholesale Rock Wool Sandwich Panel has been tested and certified by the National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fire-resistant Components.

Now we have one manual panel hot pressing automatic assembly line, two manual panel traditional assembly lines, one machine-made panel production line, one purification steel door and one purification window production line. The daily production capacity of manual plates is 3000 square meters, the daily production capacity of machine-made plates is 3000 square meters, the monthly production capacity of purified steel doors is 3000 square meters, and the monthly production capacity of purified steel doors is 6000 square meters.

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