Purification Aluminum Profile Manufacturers


Purification Aluminum Profile Manufacturers

Jiangsu Rongshida Purification Technology Co., Ltd is Custom Purification Aluminum Profile Manufacturers and OEM Purification Aluminum Profile Suppliers. We provide Color steel plate, manual plate, machine-made plate, purified steel door, purification window, purification material. Our wholesale Purification Aluminum Profile passed the GB/T19001:2016/ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and the product has been tested and certified by the National Fixed Fire Extinguishing System and the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Fire-resistant Components. Now we have one manual panel hot pressing automatic assembly line, two manual panel traditional assembly lines, one machine-made panel production line, one purification steel door and one purification window production line. The daily production capacity of manual plates is 3000 square meters, the daily production capacity of machine-made plates is 3000 square meters, the monthly production capacity of purified steel doors is 3000 square meters, and the monthly production capacity of purified steel doors is 6000 square meters.

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Industry knowledge

Purification of aluminum profiles refers to the process of removing impurities from aluminum alloys to improve the quality and performance of the material. The process of purification can be accomplished through various methods, including casting and smelting, electrolytic refining, and vacuum induction refining.
Casting and smelting is a process where impure aluminum is melted and cast into ingots, which are then remelted and refined to remove impurities.
Electrolytic refining involves dissolving the impure aluminum in an electrolytic bath and passing an electrical current through the solution, which causes the impurities to be deposited on the cathode and the pure aluminum to be deposited on the anode.
Vacuum induction refining involves melting the impure aluminum in a vacuum induction furnace and using a combination of heat and a vacuum to remove impurities.
Regardless of the method used, the goal of purifying aluminum profiles is to produce a material with improved physical and chemical properties, increased corrosion resistance, and improved performance in various applications.